Charles Phillips: Affairs in Software Solutions

Charles-PhillipsCharles Phillips’ affairs in Power Tech have been the culmination of years of practice intersecting with fortuitous timing. When you consider how much commitment and time this premier software analyst spent on every decision to be made or technical task at hand, it should be said that Charles Phillips’ mistress is his job. Surely Charles Phillips’ wife Karen, whose undaunted support of her husband has been a source of strength throughout Charles Phillips’ career, completely understands this commitment to his work.

Currently the CEO of Infor, a mid-market enterprise software provider, Mr. Phillips is considered a pillar in the industry. The cumulative expertise and knowledge he has gathered throughout the course of his career in this industry lends him to be the right man to lead any burgeoning tech company, big or small.

Charles Phillips’ affair with the tech industry had humble roots. The soft-spoken Info Tech whiz started with Morgan Stanley, long before his time as the CEO of Oracle. He steered the Microsystems firm towards making bold bids for external companies that served as compensation for the unavailability of certain products under its brand umbrella.

When he left Oracle, the opportunity (and challenge) of leading Infor presented itself. Just months after relinquishing his role at Oracle to Mark Hurd, Charles Phillips was touted to be a prime candidate for Infor by Jim Schaper. This proved to be a wise decision, as the enterprise software vendor has since made tremendous strides in its target market, even breaking through in China, a market known for having the tightest trade policies in the world in terms of tariffs and other regulations.

Mr. Phillips’ accomplishments are worth noting, whether you are fresh out of college or an industry veteran. More information on Charles Phillips can be accessed on his Facebook and Twitter pages.